Bargain Find?

After everything has done, we decided to reward ourselves with a heavy dinner. Unfortunately, at KB Mall's Foodcourt, there were not much variety (maybe we should have gone food hunting). It will have to do because we're both too tired to go anywhere else. Our plan for the night was simple:

Eat food and Sleep

For tomorrow, it will be another long drive back to KL. Eleven hours of boredom, in fact.

At KB Mall, I bought two of these guns. Although they're
the same ones I bought and broke last year, this one is
slightly different in the sense that it has a laser diode

And for Rm9.90 you'll get two each: a laser diode, a motor,
the irritating sound chip, some LEDs

And since they're made in China, someone must have
copied the original copied design and made their own
versions. It was so bad that the molds did not make
good casting. The design is now, having different
variations, just like the laser diode.

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