Going up to Kota Bahru (again)

By the time I have finished with the Police report, it was already after four in the afternoon. And I am really really tired from that ordeal. Which is bad news because by the time I reached Kuantan, it was seven thirty in the evening and the customer has already gone home. Not only that, the Hotel in Kuantan that I usually stayed in, was full.

So, we decided to risk it and travel onwards to Kota Bahru, which is another seven hours drive. This is not only stupid but dangerous. Why? Because this time, we decided to use another route instead of the usual coastal roads which is full of traffic and slows down our journey. Our customer told is that there is a "highway" which we can use to cut short the journey to a mere five hours. Unfortunately, with a bad photocopy map and heavy rain, by the time we made it to Kota Bahru at two thirty in the morning, the travelling time was almost the same as if we took the coastal road. But one thing I must say, do not take this route at night. Alone. Even if it looks like an almost straight route on the map.

I repeat. Do not do this alone at night.

Its like driving into the dark with nothing to see except for the light beams in front of you. And sometimes, if you missed the road signs, you will be in trouble. And make sure, you have a full tank of petrol. Make sure, you look out for cows crossing in the dark. Make sure, you AVOID all the potholes too. Make sure the Hotel you're going to, has been informed of your arrival

If anything, this represents me on how
I feel today

And this is how I feel when I realised
we will only hit the bed after two in the
morning and with only less than five
hours of sleep before we start work
the next day

Ok, job done. For the rest of the cabling
screw ups, I leave it to the cabling
contractor as there is only so
much I can do to help

And as for the Telekoms people.........
Ha ha ha ha ha ha

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