System Installation Part Two

Selamat Hari Raya! After placating my Wife in the morning, I quickly rushed over to the customer with all my bodily parts still intact. He was also surprised that I arrived at ten as promised and promptly shook my hand. Anyway, six hour later, it is 60% finished with the remaining job to continue ten days from now as most of the office doors were locked despite being told not to.

Later on, I got cramps to my leg as I was really running about the whole place. But at least the customer treated me to a very nice chicken rice lunch at a place in Jln Ipoh where normally, you won't get a seat. (I should have brought my camera)

This thing is the size of a water cooler

Just look at the date on the tag!

For those who knew tis road well, there is much to shout and jump
with joy as there was not much traffic about. Note: This picture was
taken on the first day, Friday. On the next evening, it was raining like

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