Lost at MacDonalds

It was the first time Kaelynn ever came to MacDonalds (I think there were more but I was not there) and all of a sudden, she is very quiet. We took the two girls there after the Doctor has certified Kristine to be fit and healthy (except that she still coughs and has a running nose. Weird Doctor). So, being in a weird and colourful place, Kaelynn just sits there and observe the environment.

This is a funny place, isn't it?

I can see some children playing

And I can see some people eating

Then, Mommy and Daddy gave me these to eat
which is delicious! But they won't let me have Coke


Blueyebabe said...

Kaelynn looks like u the most!

CFC said...

oh-oh. I look so blur, meh?

Erika said...

Kaelynn is a very pretty girl... very adorable...

Blueyebabe said...

now only u know ar? hahaha..