A day at The Curve

So, today is Sunday and it is a good day to continue with my sleep since I was "working" in the office the day before up to nearly eleven at night. Well, it was my fault as after preparing my tech for his first trip to Lahad Datu, Sabah, I was tired and fell asleep. Ha ha ha

Anyway, Wife wanted to go to a Popular Bookshop store and she suggested the one in Section 14, PJ. Knowing that the place will be vacated, I suggested other branches until we agreed on going to The Curve. Almost four hours later, we finally reached The Curve. It was a nice suprise for me as there was negligible traffic even at two in the afternoon. But our first parking choice at Tesco came up nothing as it was full. I decided to try parking at The Curve instead just to try my luck.

After getting our stuff done, I had to take all of them into the car since moving about in a crowded area with your hands full of shopping bags and holding the two girls are just asking for trouble. And while I as there, I spotted a Toyota Celica modified into a Transformers Decepticon Barricade. However, there are no lights on the top which makes it a bit discreet. Only a Transformer Fan would know what the owner was trying to do, even at first glance. And because our local Police do not have this kind of colour scheme on their cars, there is no trouble here.

After a very trying time at Tesco, we settled down at Madam Lim's for dinner but because the cooking gas ran out, we had to go to another place, namely Kenny Rogers, which was a bad move. Comments from Wife can be summarised to a few choice words; namely "fit for 'pigs' in a kenduri", "slow" and "bad service" or something to that effect.

Firstly, the rear section has been closed off and because there was no sign to say so, I went in there by mistake only to be countered with a rude stare.

Secondly, although the place was small and there were more customers on the outside, the waiters were not concerned that we have been to order. Everytime we put our hands up to get their attention, we were shown the palm,telling us to wait. And sometimes, I think they're not very alert.

Thirdly, the waitress takng our order seemed to be very impatient and tried to rush things. When Wife ordered the Fish Fillet promo, she just quickly said (in a slightly louder tone), "Wait, let me check" and quickly rushed into the service section. Its as if she couldn't be bothered with us.

Fourth, when the food arrived, it did not look like anything from the menu. The side dishes were mashed together with the "main food", and all in one plate. I had no problems with that but it did not go down well with Wife.

In the end, the bill was a shocking RM80 something. Which pissed me off as my budget was less than RM50. I have mixed feelings about Kenny Rogers. In other places, they had excellent food and service but the one in The Curve really makes me think twice about going there again. When Kenny Rogers (The Restaurant) started out, you could select your own three side dishes and scoop them up by yourself. Then they added the plastic TV Trays and the only thing you can do is to select your three side dishes over the counter, which makes you feel as if you're either in a prison or in a school. Now, (maybe just to save cost) everything has been dumped into one plate. So, imagine all types of gravy being mixed together.

Both Kristine's and Kaelynn's treasures were being washed

Everyone got mad when Kristine played with a pair of scissors

I got mad when she played with her new set of stamps

After the small break, we went shopping!

As the things we bought were heavy, I returned to our car and
off loaded them. Then I saw this being done to a Toyota. So sad

Then again, a Saleen is not so common in Malaysia
(Image taken from www.saleen.com)

This is mine: The Kenny Rogers Cesar Salad minus the croutons

This is a Kenny Rogers half chicken complete with shitty rice and some corn

This is the Kenny Rogers RM18.90 fish thingy, and it looked so delicious and big
Oh, since I am in a joking mood, the mashed potatoes are worth killing for as well

The stuff i got at Photo Shangri-La: Two packs of silica gel and 2 1GB SD card
I could not believe the price was RM33 for a Class4 SD card. Normally, I think
it would be three times more, but that was last year.

I did a test with my normal ex-HP PDA SD. Not really cared about
the speed until the D50 starts to show each shot in the "Playback"
mode. The refresh was so slow.

Me : Darling, did you see my pair of jeans?
Wife: Yeah, I just threw them into the washing machine

**Quickly rushed to the washine machine and opened the door**

Wife: Don't worry. I have checked the pockets and there was nothing in there

**Ignoring her, I searched the front pocket where I left the SD card in there**
**Sure enough, the card was still there and if I did not realise it seconds ago **
**this SD card (that came with the D50) would have been compromised by **
**the water. Luckily, although the jeans was already wet, because it was so **
**thick, the pockets were still dry. Phew! **

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