Lost control

I had a customer in Glenmarie today and since the Sun was not so hot, I decided to take normal route and not the Toll. After coming out of the old Airport road, I was faced with the roundabout there. As I went across it, I saw a lorry in a very weird position.

Judging from the skid marks, I don't think the driver was at fault but he was unable to control the heavy lorry. So, up the divider it went.

See the skid marks? There must be another vehicle coming out
from the left of the roundabout and maybe he is trying to avoid

So, this is the end result of trying to control a heavy vehicle

And if I am not mistaken, those are concrete he's carrying

About an hour later, I came back to see if the lorry is still there.
Its also a good time to try out the D50's 2.5fps capabilities

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