Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

On the Eve of The Chinese New Year, it is very important for families to get together for this particular dinner. Feuds and politics aside, everyone sits down, shuts their mouth and try to have a peaceful dinner with their elders or parents. So, I am not surprised that many stranded Chinese were quite upset for not being able to go home.

Its been quite some time since we all forgo cooking our own dinner an dpreferred to eat outside instead (imagine the amount of dishes and cutlery I had to wash, even during the cooking!) since there were a lot of dishes which was beyond our skills.

So, we had ours at Janbo (Sri Petaling) and this time, I really fully appreciated the "Buddha Over The Wall" dish instead of the usual Shark's Fin soup with or without the real shark's fin.

[Clockwise from TopLeft]
1. Its close to eight in the evening and they're both asleep
2. After waking Kaelynn up, she decided to wake Kristine up in her own way
3. Too bad she's sleeping like a log
4. The usual Yee Sang, ho-hum. Too bad I can't add some rum...

[Clockwise from TopLeft]
1. After that, it was down to the usual treat of watching some fishes.
2. Abalone? It looked gross as it slides up wards in the tank
3. Kristine's way of saying what happens when you make a crab angry
4. I do not know what this is, some say its an elephant clam, sexual thinking aside

[Clockwise from TopLeft]
1. Once the food is inside the tummy, Kristine got excited
2. Kaelynn trying to feed a pastry flower to Kristine
3. Kristine trying to feed a pastry flower to Mommy
4. I just hope the Police did not come barging in.....

[Clockwise from TopLeft]
1. Minutes after coming home, Kaelynn went out like a light
2. While Kristine decided to use the remaining energy to colour some pictures
3. I have to improve her hand/eye and colour coordination

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