Happny Chinese New Year!

Its minutes before we close for the Day as today is the Eve of the New Year. Boss asked us to clear our tables, clean, etc. and that sort of stuff. After that, any stuff like old metal bits and electronics, we sold it to the junkyard people and got RM50.20 for the lot. Not bad as we've been throwing them in bins for years.

After that, once I looged on and saw my salary came through (Yahoo!), I paid all my bills and quickly went out to buy some New Year stuff for the family. I wanted to buy a Nikon remote but after having second thoughts, I don't really need it. Moreover, the horrendous traffic jam outside in Kepong convinced me not to go too.

This is the first Mandarin Orange I peeled when I came
to the Office this morning. As the Year of the Rat is
here, all I saw were squashed rats on the road, from
day old dried to minutes gore. Yucks. Maybe its
going to be a bad year. Ha ha ha ha

The electronics stuff on my table that I cleared
and sold to the junkyard. Notice the blue Apple
Mac in the background? Oh, theres a lot of flies
flying about the aluminum cans and they smell
of beer.........

OK, I was "caught" taking these photos which I quickly
removed the DS card, claiming I was testing my broken
camera. I think they're not conviced but anyway, for
I got all these goodies. Erm, from left is soy-sauce
crackers (8), my onion crackers (10), prawn crackers (13)
some biscuit sweets (4+4), jellied fruits (8, I think), seaweed
crackers (13) marshmallows( 12). I did not count the cost but
I paid RM92 and went out fast in case they want to catch me
for the camera act.

After I have cleaned my tables, etc. this is how it looked
There will be more junk piling up my table soon!!! Oh! I
just got a surprise And pow from Boss already!
Kong Hee Fatt Choy!!!

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