Driving a 4x4

I have sat in my Boss's 4x4 many times and just to sit there takes on another perspective. For one, it is very high so you can see the traffic clearly and can avoid obstacles earlier. Two, you can cheerfully drive across flash floods while envious drivers look at you in their cars all bunched up on one side of the lane. Another aspect is that you can sometimes see a lot of things on passenger cars which you do not normally see. And lastly, although it is not fast, you still feel superior when it comes to waiting at the traffic lights, going through rough terrain and also, cornering on really rough roads.

And so today, for the first time, my Boss gave me the keys to menac....er, drive around town. usually he gives it to me on Highways as it was much safer. And although this is a big and clunky vehicle, maneuvering it gives me the shakes. But once I was mentally prepared, all I have to do is to take it slowly. Phew.

On the road, I noticed other 4x4s were not as high. I still
can't get the hang of coming down from it properly. Not
only that, I have to watch the petrol consumption too

And yes, I was smiling when I saw roads like these
although the brakes are a tad too stiff and not so
responsive. So, have to go slowly

And if there was a traffic jam, I would not hesitate crossing
the wonderful divider. Ha ha ha ha ha!

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