One problem with the house is when it rains, the water in the balcony would pool and then flows out via a hole at the side. Protruding from there would be a six inch tube. And when the water comes out from this tube, it would fall to the ground below.

Not bad, right? Unfortunately, the water splashes back onto the grill/glass doors. And if we forgot to close it, then the floor would get very wet. So, I got this idea of putting some plastic chains onto the tube where the water would just flow onto it without making any big splashes.


So, the water flows down the chain

And quietly drips to the floor. I just hope the two girls
would not pull on the plastic chain or else......

[Update: 04032008]
Oops, I forgot about the other end. Must cut quickly or the Sun will weather it and make it unuseable

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Nex said...

You can make a decorative element out of the chains but putting not just one, but a few, and in different colours.

To prevent the girls pullling on the chains shorten them to above their reach, and put a large potted plant below the chains so the water won't splash on the ground.