The Enterprise-D Cutaway Poster

This is my second poster and I forgot if this was the original long version as they reprinted it on a smaller version. The first one, I gave it to a friend in Scotland as it was too big to bring it back since I had it framed. And I could not remember how I got the second one except that its here. I thought I had lost it to the termites but after finding it again, I was estatic. However, the fungus has gotten to it already and I can see some brown spots in the poster. I am not sure how to get rid of the fungus or restore it.

The reason I am asking is that I am going to get it scanned and when I save enough, I will get it printed as transparency or something which I will then frame it and backlit from behind. Then hang it from a wall somewhere.

So, now, I bought some PVC tubes to secure the poster.
No more paper tubes as they're not effective against
termites. I think the poster costs me 18.99 pounds

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