Replacing the switch's bulb

I know I blogged about this somewhere but I forgot where. Anyway, this type of switches are plastic and they do not have LEDs in them. Only bulbs. See the "12V 20A"? Its the maximum rating the switch can accept before it goes bye-bye. So, you can use 3volts, 9volts, etc. anything less than the rating stated on the switch.

Anyway, you can replace the bulb with an LED on this switch as earlier on, the idea came to me when I noticed thin wires coming out from the two holes onto the switch's legs. So, I carefully pried the red rocker cover (and watch out for the tiny springs and contacts jumping out), removed the bulb and then pushed a 3mm red LED in. You could try other colours but because the cover is red, they would look very weird.

Now, all you have is a rocker switch with a red LED inside it. Do not forget that you have to solder a current limiting resistor onto the LED's leg or it would have a very short lifespan when you try to light it up directly. So, if your circuit is using 12 volts, then the appropriate current limiting resistor is 500 Ohms.

I think I have a photo of it taken apart but I can't find it.
Moreover, its now past midnight and I don't have the
tools to open it up again. Hee hee hee hee

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