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Heh. I was lucky enough to find Puyuh's Astro Cityzen at Mid-Valley yesterday. And also, another surprise find, "Evolusi Identiti" by Puppeteer. Keng!

The Astro CityZen is RM36.90 while Evolusi Identiti is RM7.50

Astro CityZen - Puyuh (or Leong Wan Kok) [English]
Although this book is in large format, the amount of details within the pages are amazing. But if you're looking for more twisted comics like I did after reading his "Dari Alam Anker-Twisted mind of Puyuh", you'd be very disappointed. The book is more of an artists showcase at first glance but after reading the last few pages, where the Puyuh describes each drawing, it all made sense. Then you'd find yourself going through back and forth the wonderful pages. And before you know it, hours has passed. If you want to know more about Puyuh, you can now go to his Website, which is very interesting as he also dabbles with 3D and character scuplting.

Other works are:
Dari Alam Anker
Twisted Minds of Puyuh

Sample pages of Astro-Cityzen
Evolusi Identiti - Puppeteer [Bahasa]
Ever since I picked up a copy of those weekly Gempak magazines some time ago, I was fascinated with this story arc. But this would mean I have to keep on buying the magazines to reach the conclusion. And not only that, i would have to find the beginning of the story as well and this would mean more searching, which in Malaysia, is not an easy thing to do. And not only that, every local comic nowadays are printed in Bahasa which I have to overcome. When there is an exciting scene in the comic, my mind just had to stop for a bit and try to translate it back to English, which just puts a stinker in the adrenalin department.

Anyway, the story is very simple. The Hero (Azrael), a Soul hunter, saves a girl's (Amanue) life in the desert from the Cyclops, who are some form of Soldier/Police. Amanue needs him to accompany her as bodyguard to the North and as a reward, will tell him where the location of water is, once they reach there. On the way, they unwittingly paired up with a weird botanist in a Hockey mask (Enki). The story is more like a journey where all Hell breaks loose in the end. I won't spoil it for you but do buy the book.

The artwork reminds me a lot about The Soul-Reaver game (OK, I just saw the poster, OK?), Dune and especially, the artwork from Street Fighter/Magna Carta. Throughout the book, the artis quite nice, but I felt it could be better with more details added in. (Maybe I am too demanding after reading Matsamune Shirow's Appleseed.) And the sound effects, its not dramatic enough. But the most missing aspect I noticed was the missing action lines to show "movements" of each panel, otherwise it would be a very good book. Still, it is a very good book and I feel so inspired to make my own sketches as well. Kudos.

From the Gempak website, there are other titles from the same author:

Verge - The Art of Puppeteer
The Plague

Sample pages of Evolusi Identiti

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