Taking the Day Off (Day Two)

Surprisingly, once I get into the routine, the second day was much nicer. I just dumped both Wife and Kristine off to school, while giving a good three seconds horning to a Volvo S80 who made a U-turn without signalling in the dark. So for today, I did the laundry (OK, so I hung the laundry which my wife pre-washed the night before), bathed Kaelynn, picked up the Wife (we had to wait until after 1530 as she had an emergency meeting)

Then, we had to rush back to get the clothes inside as it was about to rain before we could go to MacDonalds for Kristine and Kaelynn to have their lunch.

This is the only lunch I had as I was cooking lunch halfway,
the gas died. And we were not able to have anything until 4
in the afternnon. No wonder both Kristine and Kaelynn were
cranky. And I just remmeebered, this is a 10-day old bread...


Nex said...

Always, I mean ALWAYS have 2 canisters of gas in your home.

Family man like you should have learn that a long time ago :P

CFC said...

Yep. We had two and the other one was in the other house. Ha ha ha ha ha!