MIC Dangun Racer

I did make a post sometime ago, about the Dangun Racers. These are more or less, spin-offs from the (then) famous 4x4 racers. Maybe its marketing or pricing or maybe its just the shape but I have never seen it being ever so popular here in Malaysia. Maybe its just that no one was interested in a high-speed land torpedo. Still, it does not stop the ever industrious Chinese from copying it. But sometimes, you can see some companies evolved and produced their own versions.

Still, the good (or bad) thing that comes out from all this is that you can have them for a very reasonable price. Ten years ago, they would have been sold for about RM35 or so and the last time I checked (in 2006) it was about RM55 in an original Tamiya shop buried under 1-Utama. But the MIC (Made in China) ones costs very much less than that as for the same amount, you can get about, say, a lot. More bang for you buck, you say.

But there is an actual downside. MIC goods are well known for their low prices and also its quality. You get what you pay for. As long as you're not concerend about its blunt features on the toy (compared to the crisp details of the original), the doubful motor and the funny smelling (and sometimes warped) rubber/vinyl tyres and corny paper stickers, then it is a good buy.

The one I got some time ago, shows how two different manufacturers interpreted the original design and came up with their own ideas.

[From Left to right]
The copycat Tamiya version I got last year, recent one which
is copied from the First Generation of Tamiya's Dangun Racers
and the same model but in model kit form. Same model, different

See how the chrome glisten in the sun?

The kit is just white plastic, so no chroming

You like the chrome version? Here you go!

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