The Tamiya clone that copied Auldey

So, I was minding my own business (still in Labuan) and I was on my way back to the Hotel when I stopped by one Super(mini)market. I found that there is another manufacturer that has almost the same concept as Tamiya's original Dangun Racer.

It followed Auldey's concept of using shiny chrome bodies which will definitely attract. And what's more, they even put in a set of batteries and some gears which is ready to play once you tear open the box.

And best of all, its much much cheaper:
Tamiya (RM45.00)
Auldey (RM19.90)
Xin??? (RM8.90)

Will it get the market it deserved?
I am not sure but I got suckered into it, though. Then again, this is the best of the lot

The box is the same for all of its different models
And I threw it away to reduce space in my bag

Free batteries, a gear and extra tires

From here, it looked quite nice. That is, until you
look closely and see that they have put on the
stickers in a rush. Everything is either peeling
off of badly aligned

Here is one near the Batman-type fin (on the right) which
is already peeling off.

Then the battery contacts are starting to rust

Now I know why they closed up the rear in the box.
So you would not see this lousy design at the rear.
Using plastic nut to secure the two body halves are
so, so 90's. And the wheels looked so anorexic too

Overall, the design of the chassis follows Tamiya's
original Dangun Racer and while the body shell is
of their own design, its quite ok.
But the wheels......... sigh
Still, one day, when I have the time, I am going to
modify it with better wheels and peel of those shiny
chrome bits.

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