On the way home ...

My flight was 1525 in the afternoon and after one last visit to the customer to make sure everything was A-OK, I headed for the Airport. Suffice to say, the flight was delayed until 1815 due to some "technical problems". Luckily, this was my only destination, unlike last time when I need to go from KL to Kuching to Bintulu to Sibu to Miri and then to KL again. One delay too often can jeopardise my whole schedule.

So, when the plane did arrive, one would know if the Captain is in a hurry. Yeah, the quick exit to the runway while the Air Stewardess was doing her thing and the suddent thrust to reach airborne. When we landed, there was another problem, this was with the AirAsia coach. The guys at the luggage claim was taking too long and by the time we got our stuff and reached the bus, it was already full. So, we had to wait for the next one which was due in 30 minutes. Luckily, it was ahead of schedule by 22 minutes. Ha ha ha ha

There was another incident because someone apparently had forgotten to load the luggage belonging to another passenger in the earlier bus. So, throughout the whole journey, I can hear them arguing over the walkie-talkie about the mistake. The poor family had to sit through one and quarter hours at Sentral. By the time I reached home, I was already past eleven, five unecessary hours wasted. And Kristine was up to her usual tricks of not going to sleep until two in the morning again.

The screen suffered and error and had to reboot.
Yeah, it was running Windows XP

Once it was clear, the dreaded "DELAY" word came up
I hade to wait for five hours at the Airport

Oh look, our plane was drawn by Lat!

Its so beautiful

Heh heh heh

This is how it looked inside the plane

And this is how it looked when landing
I wonder why they need to switch off the lights

"What do you mean, you forgot to load the bags?"

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