Trip to Labuan Part III

Coming out of the Airport, it was under renovation. So, I decided to walk to my customer since (OK, I was told, and also, from the Google Earth) it was just a short distance away (Hardy ha ha)

This is a very nice sculpture of a swordfish at the Airport's Roundabout

On the left of the main road, there is a nice little Waterfall

I can only imagine that it would be beautiful come nightfall

The water then flows all the way

Through these little cute bridges and rocks

And on until it reaches the main entrance

And on the right side of the main Airport road,
its the same as well but a little bit drier since
there is no waterfall

So, what you have instead is a 100metre long reflexology path

After completing my tasks in the evening, I checked in at the Pulau Labuan Hotel where they only have one room left. The customer was kind enough to drive me there and also, took me to a Duty-Free shop. Since I could not find those Tequila miniature bottles for my friends, I bought two bottles of what I thought was some orange/mandarin flavoured wine coolers.

This is the first time I see a car radio in the room

And luckily, I am alone as there are no shower curtains

Went for dinner nearby called Chicken King
Here, they're trying make my Honeydew drink

The Fragrant Rice n' Roast (RM4.50) and
the Honeydew juice (RM5.80)which is not even full

They even have a Cineplex

And the shows are Poseidon, X-Men III & Da Vinci Code
I went back to the Hotel and watched HBO instead as I
was dead tired

Not before I bought some Pineapple juice & some
Japanese White chocolate

Not bad at all. Unfortunately, the Pineapple juice
gave me sore throat for the rest of the night

I am so stupid. Those were not wine coolers
at all and even if they exist, the do not come
in these bottles. What I got was some stupid
43% vodka which I can't even drink without
getting stone. Let me see whom I can give it
to. I think FireAngel will most probably stone
me with it since it is so little.

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