Weekend with Kristine

So, the flu is making its round and everyone I know is suffering from one. And so did Kristine, but hers cleared up after two days. Wow.

While everyone is sick, she is jumping about in the house and my hands were full. And everyone is trying to avoid babysitting her..........

See the river of booger slime from her nose?
And she is even willing to share it with you

So, I took her into the spare room and she decided to
mess with my photo stuff and other junk

Then she tried my helmet

And later on, she rummaged my tools

Until I stopped her with a juicy plum

During dinner, she loves the hot herbal soup

And when its finished, she wants Mommy's brocoli

Well, this is Kristine after I chased her round and round
trying to get her into fresh clothes

Well, it failed so we tried drying her hair instead

Later on, she rummaged my wallet

Sigh. And I have to pick up a lot of stuff off the floor

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