That Bump on the head

Me: What's that on your head?

Boss: Oh? Just some kind of wart/boil, etc.

Customer: What's that on your head?

Boss: New Bluetooth device

Me: No ler, its a new RFID device we're testing. Beats using those "Touch n Go" cards at the door. You just move your head to the reader.....

Boss: Ha ha ha hah a

Customer: Ha hahahahaha

Then, later, in the car, a part of the plaster came off......

Boss: Bla.. bla.. bla.. went Doctor... less than a few minutes.... get medicine.... make money's worth so sit down and talked to him more... bla.. bla.. bla..

Boss: Wei, the plaster came off, ah?

Me: Yeah

Boss: Where is it? Can you find it and stick it back

Me: *look around in the car, saw the plaster got bits of blood* Euuuuuuuuu......

Boss: Never mind

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