Dinner at (I forgot the place)

My sister in Law invited us for dinner at one of the Japanese restaurant located in Old Klang Road. I do like eating Japanese food in a Japanese restaurant. Not because of its prices but sometimes, I want to experience the atmosphere with family.

Usually, I find it odd to order sushi in a Japanese restaurant as its like ordering a burger in a real restaurant. Anway, tonight, it was not about the food but rather, trying different dishes which you would not eat in a Sushi bar or at Teppanyaki.

But because of my penchant for raw salmon and their sushi type or rice, I usually settled for the Katsu Don (chicken with rice, and you wondered what has it got to do with salmon? I don't know either)

Both girls were playing with the wooden chopsticks

Again, Kaelynn insists on doing everything by herself

Which was a mess. So, Mommy had to give her a plate instead

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