With RM125 in my hand............

So, OK, I got my pay a few days ago, paid every damn bill I can find and today, I managed to go to a ATM for some pocket money. Since I was near Pasar Road, I decided to drop by one of the shops before rushing off to another customer, who is based in Klang.

I always wanted to get a new bag for my aging Toshiba Notebook since it "broke" years ago. And not only that, I have a lot of things to carry in that bag too. The power supply, Wifi stick, mouse, cables and more cables and especially, tons of paper (which are my work backlogs). For five years, I have been using the bag, day in, day out. And for five years, I have opened the bag daily for an average three times a day. And I have never changed bags.

And now, the tough little bag can't carry anymore. So, the next replacement must be as tough as the bag. And maybe, carry even more. But the main criteria is, it must not look like a Laptop bag. Knapsacks and its variations are out because almost everyone knows that there is a very high chance that there is a Laptop inside.

Luggage bags are almost out too as it would be weird. And so, at Pasar Road, this case was almost ideal. Now, all I need is a yellow hardhat (In the Command and Conquer PC game, Enginners in yellow hardhats carrying a tool-bag can enter an enemy building and take over it). So, after much deep haggling, I decided to get the case (which allows you to strap it across your shoulders too but I have to get a sturdier strap).

Me: How much for this case?
Her: RM125
Me: Cheaper can or not?
Her: OK, RM100
Me: Tell you what, I give you Rm100 for the case
Her: . . . . .

Oh, just for Nex, this is a Heat Gun selling for
RM120. At 240 volts AC, is gives 1600W of
power which is about 500ÂșC of heat

This is my five year old Notebook Bag. The zips were gone
last year and this year, the document compartment gave
way after I go pissed off when the paper all fell out

This is what I am going to do with the new case. But I
have to fill it up with more foam first. Don't want the
Notebook to get loose inside. Yes, the case is very
deep and with the Notebook in there, I think there
is about two inches (height) left. . Maybe I need to
make foam to cover the Notebook. Originally, this
was going to be for my technicians and so, now I am
the guinea pig. I was sad because if I wanted to stand
on this bag, I would have to pay another RM300

This is the 15mm by 4mm white switch for Nex. After
getting the case, I only have enough left for this switch
and a new multimeter.

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