Lightning strike!

Here we go again! So, you have been enjoying watching those lightnings haven't you? And listening to the soothing sound of the fallng rain which is perfect for a nap. And the water which falls from the sky rejuvenates plants and clears away droughts. Ah, the beauty of rain!

But wait a minute, there is one problem to this wonder of Nature.

For us in the telecommunications industry, lightning are very dangerous to both service personnel and machines. Any telephone system which is not properly earthed or protected would suffer the full brunt of a lightning strike. The damage from such strike could range from a destruction of a lightning arrestor to a complete system FUBAR. If you're lucky, your damaged lightning arrestor can be replaced. Worst to worst is repairing or replacing a destroyed component.

But what if your system is not fully protected?

Well, say bye-bye and get a new PABX installed as there is nothing much we can do. The cost of just repairing it would almost the same as buying a new system. Either that or the damage is so extensive, its not worth the time and effort to repair at all.

When I first took a look at it, the glass tubes and the
broken relay can be fixed.........

Then when I saw thus burn, right next to the
system's CPU card and databus, I have to
expect for the worst. Turned out I was right:
Beyond economical repair

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