My Tecra is now fully operational!

I managed to send it in the late morning, after dumping my boys to the job site and after visiting a few customers, I got my Notebook back, just under a few minutes before closing time! Phew!

But then a though struck me. Why not get another Notebook? Since I still have some friends there, he told me that the offer (the one that lets you pay by installments during the recent PC Fair, ending on 20th April 2008) still stands as long as I want it before May. Which sets me thinking:

1) If I pay by installments, there is no further discount but it easier for me every month

2) If I pay one lump sum, using the credit card, I will get more discounts, more than what is offered on the streets, I guess.

So, you ask, incredulously, with my slave pay, why do I still want to pay for a brand new Notebook which the money could be better used for the family? I was thinking about that too, until I realised that this is my life and no one elses.

When you need something, there are a lot of reasons to support it but once you started to think about it, there are very little sane reasons for getting one:

1) Wife's PC (which I gave to her years ago) is almost completely redundant as the Windows 98 sucks when it comes to printing her reports and using her virus infested thumbdrives. I mean, I have to copy her report to her only thumbdrive (which came with a Windows 98 driver), use my Notebook to clean it from viruses before using it to finalise and print her reports.

2) She had to wait for a long time before she could use any of the virus infested PCs at school. And by late evening, not only does she not get the chance to use the PCs, she does not get her work done.

3) Just recently, they loaned her a Toshiba Notebook for her Melaka course (which also saved my Hard disk Data) which she did not have the chance to use. This one took me most of the day to clear the (about 150 of the) viruses before it was safe to use. I think, once they (the school) realised that I can clean viruses, they might be more than happy to giveher more Notebooks to take more home. Ha ha ha.

4) OK, I think our old Wireless router in the house might still be working and once Streamyx comes in, the Notebook would be a good way for her to get her work done as she can carry it with her to any room (or where the kids are playing). We cannot put in Network cables in the house anymore as everything is sealed up and it would cost too much on my budget to hack into the walls and put in the Cat6 network cables, not forgetting the fact that a Gigabit router costs a lot too. Ha ha ha ha.

5) Maybe I get to play those 3D games too, such as Robocop (yeah, its old), Tron 2.0, Warhammer and other stuff if I am lucky. Hee hee hee hee

So, what Notebook am I getting? Its definitely a Toshiba and no, not the Tecra series (although my Tecra lasted me more than more than five years and still going strong) but more on the Satellite Multimedia series, the ones with the fancy wancy Harman Kardon speakers.

There are other competing brands which were quite attractive, especially the Dell Inspiron or Vostro models but since I do not know anyone there, getting that machine is going to be expensive and troublesome in the long run. I am not touching Lenovos, Fujitsu, HP or even other brands. Because if I want to get this for her, it must be the best and also from the people I know that I can go to.

Sometimes when I wonder why my HDD made so much noise
until I read the label, "Rattle noise is normal". WTF?

Defragging on the new HDD. About 2/3 space is empty! Wow!

My friends copied everything from the old HDD to this one
and now, I can defrag as usually, I get those typical warnings
like, "You cannot defrag nicely because your HDD does not
have the minimum 15% space, loser."

All I can say is, after the new RAM is added and with a new
HDD, some processes did speed up. Such as SketchUp, my
viewing of camera shots, AVG Anti-virus updating, and so
on as usually, my hard disk goes haywire for minutes before
I can get anything done

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