Quality control

For the past few days, we have been working like crazy for a cabling job. Because each table requires a network point, a telephone point and also some power points, there are at least four parties involved. And it was a rush to see who can get the space first. the problem lies in the cabling for each table. The first party to start work in this section were the electrical guys and they used square pvc casing. We were the next, beating the network guys. And so, we get to claim our "space" and we used pvc pipes instead. When the network guys came in, there were not enough space for them and so, they had to drill holes on the floor. Ha ha ha ha.

But in other parts, they were first and we we in deep doo-doo. However, as luck would have it, the electrical guys and the network guys ran into some problem. Apparently, someone forgot to read the floorplan carefully and ended up laying their points at the wrong distance. And the next part followed blindly. For us, we did not lay the cables but left them hanging on the ceiling, hoping to *ahem* use the Network guys's trunking system by hiding our cables in there. Although it meant that we will save a lot on raw materials, but this is no the point. With so many pvc pipes in that section, it was starting to look like a submarine. We did ask the customer for their permission to do so and they gave us the green light. Which means, the eight-man Network team cannot argue with our two-man team. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Our's is on the right while the electrical is on
the left. The customer suggested that we put
our pipes as close to the electrical as possible
I was not happy with that idea as this type of
arrangement can lead to a lot of problems if
there are power surges.

Still, the customer is always right and we moved them.
But this would mean more wastage. For example, the
wall plug inside the cavity on the left cannot be used
anymore. And they costs a lot. Haiya

The same goes for here at the partition board.
The wall plug for this type of board costs 60sen
I can pull this one out and "recycle" it but there
would be a big hole on the board instead. Haiya

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