An evening with the girls

Just moments before bedtime, Kristine and Kaelynn were fooling about in the bedroom. Kristine's new trick is to climb up the boxes, either sing a song, shout or read a book before jumping down on to the matresses below. Once I got over the shock, I began to take photos of them. Then I realised, my Nikon D50 does not have multiple exposures. Sill, it was fun to play with the speed and flash.

Both of them have been eyeing the
boxes for quite some time. Now I
know why.

So, they start with singing some songs
at the top of their lungs, or try to read
a book before doing the jump

Jumping 101:Step by step guide courtesy of Ms. Kristine

This is one of the better images of
Kristine jumping. The pink blur
behind her was the first flash taken
just a split second before the jump

Someone got too excited and stepped on a sharp object

No sane kid would do this type of stunts at night and so,
just to make sure, Mommy is checking for signs of brain
inside their skulls. None here, whatsoever, just wax.

And none here too. Very mysterious

Finally, Kaelynn got her own revenge for all the bad things
Kristine did to her. She jumped and sat on her elder sister
just when she was about to go to sleep....

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