The mouse with no tail

I am not sure why I got this wireless mouse. My current mouse is still working fine. Maybe its because I am not satisfied with it since its a replacement to the previous fabulous mouse. So, it was there and then at JayaJusco, I saw this wireless mouse and for some inexplicable reason, I actually think that the price is reasonable.

Anyway, I actually have a slight fear about wireless mouse and pointers as I have used them more than five years ago. The problems ranges from big sized transmitter/receiver to inability to "lock"to the mouse to dead batteries to yeah, forgotten mouse. This one now uses the more "popular" 2.4GHz radio frequency which is shared by other devices such as DECT phones and wireless cameras. So far, it has been working wonderfully for the past 20 hours and I am starting
to feel comfortable with it.

The mouse come in three colours: Yellow, Metallic Red
and Carbon Fibre.
I was hoping for Metalic Blue since I
am over Iron Man now and the Red
is so not "me" at
the moment.

So, you have the mouse, the 1-inch wireless receiver
that looked like a USB thumbdrive, a 5cm installation
CD and a free McNair AA battery. The mouse uses
only 1.5volts and at 15mA, it claims to have a useful
time range between 3 to 6 months

After looking at the receiver, I was so tempted to get the
2GB thumbdrive for RM27 but better not as my budget
is very tight for this month since I just got my salary on

The receiver is so small, you can actually stuff it up the
mouse's rear butt. Push the button
and the mouse will
shit it out softly.

For almost the same price, I can get a bigger wired mouse.
So, there and then, I decided to risk it even if its a tad too
small for my hands. But after a while, the mouse feels OK
to me since I do not have to worry about cables anymore.
And this also solved some space issues in my carrying
case. But it also met my requirement of the side forward
and backward buttons I can use with my thumb, something
which I can not go without nowadays.

The new mouse (right) compared to the crap Samsung

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