Inside a Lift-room

OK, this is the first time I have ever been inside a Lift-room before. I am not even sure what the "Official" name but here, everyone just call it the Lift-room. The building here has three lifts and up to date, all three lifts are working properly. When climbed up to the tallest floor in the building, and before the door was opened, I was half expecting to see heavy machinery and those lift sounds (liek the ones you hear in those SimTower games). Boy, what a disappointment.

Ok, here is the lift-room. The front (left) are the main controls
And on the right, there are three lift motors. If you go to the
motors and stand there, you're actually on the top of the lift
shafts. I wonder why they sealed it with concrete.........

A closer look at the controls, but this is just one of the sides

This is one of the lift motors and it pulls five steel cables

This is the other lift motor. Note the yellow protective
cover is in place. these motors are no bigger than about
four feet, I think Now, are you scared of going into the
lifts now? Well, don't worry as there are other safety
failsafes in place

Coming back to where we left off when the roof collapsed,
we are now able to step into the incident area. Note the
red circles, which were some of the physical damage we
can see.

A closer look at one of the damaged structures

Even the glass awnings/shades were not spared and
they will have to be torn down, methingks

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