Arias CD (or Local CD to you and me)

So, we're at the Popular Bookstore to look for the story book that Kristine lost. And while we're all separated, looking at things I was distracted by the songs being played there.To cut a long story short. It was the Arias CD which was being sold for RM54.90. As they're having a pre-renovation sale, it was priced at RM39.90 for three discs.

That's the problem with having a book shop with a music section in there. They played the song in low comforting volume that it was so nice. Yeah, I bought it and I just remembered, it was the first commercial legal CD (pirated DVDs do not count) I have bought since 2003. The reason why I stopped was because of the stupid Fat Cats harping about copyrights and Madonna being her usual self, making us potential/existing customers feel as if they're criminals.

Anyway, since I bought it, I have no choice but to enjoy it anyway (ha ha). And I must say, some of the songs in there are really really good. But if you plonk it to a CD player which displays the track titles, there are sone errors, as shown on my Media Player. For example, Track 10 on Disc two is Canon in D by Johann Pachebel, it just reads anon in D. Worse is Disc One's Il Mio Miracolo by Vittorio Grigolo which just displays as Track 7 or misspelled Angels as Angles. And when it came to the third disc, sigh. I can go on and on. I guessed I should have seen the CD-RAMA logo before making a decision. Or at least try to remember if LiteFM is a local radio or what. Because this CD pack sounds so obvious of local made. And yet, even after giving them a second chance, they still cannot get anything right. RM54.90 is a lot of money and this is the quality we get when we want to buy music legally? Fuck it, man. Universal is a big label and now its making me take second guesses whenever I want to make a decision. Maybe I should have stuck back to Uncle Ho with his pleasant customer services and reasonable prices. The discs scream, "Gold Celebration Edition" and, "As heard on LiteFM". Sheesh. Who the fuck cares after getting this CD full of title and spelling mistakes.

But you should listen to The Mass (Era), Ameno (Era), El Condor Pasa (The Vienna Boys's Choir), Moon River (Emi Fujita), Romance (Peper Romero), Vincent (Chloe Agnew) and so much more. At least the monkey who cut & paste these songs from other New Age albums is doing his job. However, quality of some of the songs were a bit disappointing. Whatever DSD technology is, its making some high notes sound distorted. But the overall feeling? Yeah, I've been had, hook, line and sinker. And I am disappointed.

Its like following they hype on the arrival of the new Proton Persona only to see a Gen2 with a bigger boot space.

Disc One:
01. Insieme A Te - Alessandro Safina
02. Walking In The Air - Hayley Westernra
03. The Mass - Era
04. Desert Rose - Sting
05. Fields Of Gold - Triniti
06. Song From A Secret Garden - Secret Garden
07. Il Mio Miracolo - Vittorio Grigolo
08. A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Sarah Brightman
09. Angles - The Angles (Its Angels by the Angels!)
10. Buongiormo Principessa - Merio Frangoulis
11. Ameno - Era
12. EL Condor Passa (Bolivia) - The Vienna Choir Boys' Choir
13. Nessun Dorma - Pavarotti
14. (Where Do I Begin) Love Story - Tito Beltran
15. The Winner Takes It All - Anne Sofie Von Otter
16. La Petite Fille De La Mer - Vangelis

Disc Two
01. Moon River - Emi Fujita
02. Parla Piu Piano ("The Godfather") - Patrizio Buanne
03. Who Painted the Mon black - Hayley Westernra
04. Like The Sun - Ryan Dan
05. Always There - Secret Garden
06. Nella Fantasia - Russell Watson
07. (Quello Che Faro) Sara Per Te (Everything I Do) I Do It For You - Katherine Jenkins
08. Jeux Interdits (Romance) - Pepe Romero
09. Vincent - Chloe Agnew
10. Solitaire - Sissel
11. Now We Are Free ("Gladiator") - Lisa Gerrard & Han Hammer
12. Amazing Grace - Hayley Westernra
13. Tears In Heaven - The Choirboys
14. Pie Jesu - Charlotte Church
15. And I love You So - Nana Mouskouri
16. Canon In D - Johann Pachelbel

Bonus Disc
1. My Love Will Get You Home - Christine Glass
2. Bizzarre Love Triangle - Freya Lin Fan
3. Against All Odds - Three Graces
4. Yo Te Voy A Amar ("I'll Make Love To You") - Blake
5. Thank You - Secret Garden Featuring Peter Joback
6. World In Unison - All Star

Is it me or are everyone starting to use these new CD jewel
Boxes? I am so outdated now.

Whatever it is, the jewel boxes make these three CDs
special. Next to it is a small booklet full with lyrics
and bitsof info about easch song. If you're in the
mood, you can sing along with it too.

[Update: 13.10.2008]
Forget what I said about the CD quality. Most of the tracks have problems.


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Just download via LimeWire lah....that's how I got most of my 4 thousand MP3 songs...

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This reaffirms my action why I should do what I should