Were you insured?

This morning, it was just an ordinary morning and nothing exciting really happened until after half-past nine. One of my techs went for a brief walk downstairs after our briefing and came up to tell us that our next door neighbour got robbed.

Well, there was nothing much we can do since we don't even know them at all except that they have staff coming and out everyday. By about eleven in the morning, the came over and through the intercom and CCTV (OK, we installed this so that we do not get harassed by morons selling fake stuff or pizza coupons, etc.) informed us that they wanted to have a chat with us and have a look at our CCTV recordings. I told them that we do not do recordings but nevertheless, invited them to come up to have a chat.

My Boss: Whoa! what happened?
Neighbour: We got robbed last night. Did you guys hear anything?
My Boss: Nope. I was here late and didn't even hear a sound
Neighbour: Can we have a look at your CCTV recording?
My Boss: Sorry, we don't record but put it on the TV
Neighbour: Oh... They took eveything. PCs, Laptops, LCS projectors, the lot. Anything that was not nailed down, it was taken. And the PCs are old!
My Boss: Yeah, sad isn't it? Its not the PC thats important but the data in the hard disk.
Neighbour: Deepavali's next week and I guess these people needed the money
My Boss: Yeah, well, let's go over ad have a look and if we could help you (blah blah blah).By the way, were you insured?
Neighbour: No. Well, we thought such things cannot happen to us but it did. Sigh.
Me: So, what line were you in again?
Neighbour: Insurance
Me: . . . .
My Boss: . . . . .
Neighbour: Oops

So, I tell my tech to be more vigilant since he likes walking about. Still, I want to know where to get cheap laptops and LCD projectors......

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