MacDonalds Sonic Flying Disc

This was the toy I got for both Kristine and Kaelynn the other day. I think its a frisbee but it seemed to heavy to fly. But when I am free, I think I will play with the girls. The reason I got this was because right in the middle of the disc, there is an optical illusion. Sonic the Hedgehog seemed to be "floating" above the saucer.

I have seen this trick when I was in Singapore years ago. I was in some kind of a science centre and there was this round bowl with a small opening at the top. It was brightly lit and inside the bowl, it had a mirror-like surface. So, anything inside the bowl would see to be floating on top at the opening. Sort of like a 3D image.

When you put your finger on it, the image is still there but
you cannot touch it.

OK, here is another angle. You can see the image floating while
the original is below the saucer. And its turned the other way.

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