Homi Puffs

One thing I like about curry puffs is that its a great idea. You have all the curry chicken and potatoes wrapped in a small bundle of goodness. So far, I have tried the famous Tuck Kee Pasar Road curry Puffs and now, this is the next on my list. I am not referring to the brand buy the variation of the curry puffs family. In most puffs, you'd have the normal smooth dough and decorative lips. In this variety, its the ingredients that counts.

But in this case, its the size and also the dough itself. When deep-fried properly, its crispy and yet flaky at the same time while still making sure the contents are not leaking out. Homi gets it right but there is a problem in the sense that it is very oily. Just putting it in the car is bad enough. But when eaten fresh, its wonderful. Still, its delicious and you can see people queuing up for them all the time.

I am still on a quest to look for the "one" which my Mom bought that has some hard boiled egg inside. If only I could remember to ask when I see her every day.........

RM1.80 each, and when you buy ten, you get one free. However,
since I only had enough to buy five, they won't even give me half
a puff. Since today is not Sunday, I got the box and a nice bag.....

See the fillings? Yum yum! The top one was Kristine's and Kaelynn's
work in the car. Although its hot in both categories, they still went
for it. Unfortunately, the ones in the photo are not fresh but taken
out from the fridge which made it hard and flaky.....

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