Pelican case at ACE Hardware

After collecting my Nokia 5800, I went to ACE Hardware to get a replacement garden hose nozzle as the oldone rusted. And then I saw it, Pelican cases! They're now at ACE hardware! But bear in mind, you have to sit down for this: Because once your excitement is over, be prepared for another shock, Okay?

There were three types of Pelican cases, with the "big" one
being the main attraction. Unfortunately, it was also not on
display, only the smaller case and one that looks like it can
store a rifle in there.....

Here is a close up look of the case. Oh, its about two thousand frigging
ringgit. But since I've already got mine, I am not going ga-ga over this

This case comes with the pluck and pull foam inserts

The smaller case is retailing for about nine hundred ringgit.
Not bad until you go up and see the case personally. Then
you'd start cursing at the price. Its too expensive for such
a small case. For the same amount, I could have gotten 2
Hardigg cases from the Internet instead.

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