NERF Longshot's in Malaysia!


Yes, sir.My Lordship. Your will be done. I have secured the latest tool of destraction. However, my Lordship, care must be taken at where you aim as such spurts of pleasure can be very damaging. Your humble slave recommends holding it with both hands for a better feel. Never has this slave seen such weapon of mass erection which allows for those hard to reach pleasureable long range shots. With those sexy knobs on both sides, your Lordship can use just one hand to stroke it into readiness.

In the meantime, while preparing for your arrival, this humble slave will, examine to see if your Lordship's tool is complete.


Yeah, for RM149.90, after years of waiting. Even eBayers are
afraid to ship this thing (and its not cheap to do that either). I
don't blame them because the box itself is humongous. After
seeing it, all of a sudden, RM149.90 does not seem to be such
a huge amount. In fact, it made it as if money is nothing.....

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