Mid Valley

I was rushing today. And its going to be a very tiring day for me, I can tell. After being stuck at a traffic jam in Shah Alam (the stretch after trh traffic lights from Section 26 Proton towards the F&N factory) where the four lane road closed into two and the stupid kancil and Lorry decided to have an accident at the bottleneck, leaving only one lane for everyone. Had I known this would happen, I would have taken the other route. But then again, I missed the first exit......

Anyway, the plan for today is very simple. After finishing with the customer in Shah Alam, I would hurry back home, leave my stuff there, get my Dad to drive me over to Mid-Valley, and then when my Wife finished work, she can pick me up from there. But when I came home, my parents were out and my brother had cooked slightly burnt instant noodles (from what Kristine told me) for the girls as their lunch. Feeling pissed off, I got them to take bath, changed clothes and prepare to drive them to Mid-Valley myself. But luckily, they came back in time. After taking back my Nokia 5800, off we went to Mid-Valley.

There is a reason why I was needed there and it was because of a customer there who wanted to change the seating arrangements of his office. And so, after settling everything, the three of us were free to roam about Mid-Valley until Mommy was free to join us. The first thing was to make sure the girls were full and the closest was to get them some food, any food. I cannot chance going to MacDonalds (due to the queue and "booking" of tables) or some other place (which they would not eat the food ordered). But the main thing was because I did not have enough cash with me. Yeah, last month's salary is still not in and I was only paid enough to settle some of the bills. Still, the kids have to eat.

The customer wanted to rearrange the tables in the office
and so, my guys were there to redo the cables after the
contractors have hacked the floor. Seeing the job is under
control, I took Kristine and Kaelynn to Mid-Valley

With more than two hours to kill, we went to the Toy rounds,
where the first stop is Jaya Jusco. Here, I introduced Krsitine
the wonders of 3D slide, and after she was amazed by it, she
let Kaelynn have a go with the Viewmaster. Unfortunately,
at RM30 it is a bit expensive and moreover, I do not see any
view master slides for sale. Maybe I can buy it later and get
the slides from eBay. I would like to make those slides myself
(Yes, you can do it yourself but the equipment cost is a few K's).
I wonder if Zybisko14 would be interested in this hobby

Then we went to the arcade side of the Department where I
made sure the girls have something better to eat than the
instant noodles. Here, Kaelynn is enjoying her ice-cream
while Kristine is devouring her mini kaya buns.

At Toys R Us, the action figures for the new Wolverine
Movie are already up for sale. The are smaller than
those previously on sale but very detailed. You could
say, they are the more detailed than GI Joes. However,
for RM39.90, they think then can command Star Wars
price, meh? Crazy Marvel fools!

Lo and Behold! All the NERFs you ever wanted! Unfortunately,
I have no money and so, I have to pass by this aisle in depair.
Even if my salary for last month is in (which is still not),
I cannot justify such purchase.

Oh, and the new ammos for the Vulcan NERF is in too,
along with the two new scopes for most NERF guns.

This is a change. Usually you can see Dads sitting here but
today, its just Moms. Oh, I bought some F&N Grape which
Kaelynn comes, takes a sip and goes back to the play area.

Yeah, I let them play for more than half an hour there, not
only to pass the time but also, for me to sit down and rest
for a while too. I was on my feet since morning.

If you think owning a house is Child's play, wait till you
are all grown up!

When Mommy finished her work, she came and joined us.
Some funny fashion scene at the Middle Court. Since I did
not have my Nikon D50, I just took this picture. Not that
I am interested but shooting from top floor, even with a
zoom lens, is just a waste of time.

For dinner, we went to the usual food court since eating
at other places are now very expensive to us. This time,
I wanted to try something different instead of the usual
Teppanyaki. So, I decided on the Mushroom Noodles,
which as usual, tasted like shit and so emotionless.

On the other hand, Mom got the girls some pasta, which
is quite good. And as usual, the girls would fight over
for some thing new, which is the la-la in there.

Kaelynn ate them as if they were oysters. She really
loved those la-la.

Then, for something extra, we got this fried thingy,
which Kristine tried until the chilis kicked in.

Yeah, and the girls whacked the prawns.

After dinner, it was for some fresh fruits. I was outside
when I spotted these new healthy dried foods.

For RM17.90, its a bit pricey for a small
bottle of natural & organic junk food.
Why did I say that?

Well, at first I did not believe
it but there it is!

The label says it all, apart from the veges,
they have french fries....

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