Black Nokia 5800


OK, I did not get the new black version of the Nokia 5800 (Star Trek Edition) but rather, I have changed to the spare phone cover. I bought this about quite some time ago and now, its time to change. The first cover, which was blue, served me well for more than three months, that is until the last plastic tab holding the covers broke. So, now, I have to use the remaining black cover. These covers made the Nokia 5800 look more beefy and in some sense, made it well, look more complete.

The funny thing was, although the plastic looks flexible and tough, its prone to sudden shocks. In other words, if you drop it or knock it, it will shear off. But if you bend it, it will bend and give you funny lines before weakening.

Anyway, I have ordered a new one, which is more like a plastic wrap around (but not those sticky, fluff magnet silicon types). And after months of using it, I have been to a few shops selling cases and phones, I have yet to see them selling this type of casing for the Nokia 5800. The closest was teh transparent type, which, I think, was the silicon condom type. When I showed them my sample,they remarked with oohs and aahs, I know that they have not gotten it in.

Another reason why it (the plastic tabs)cracked was
from me opening it and closing it to get at the battery
when the Nokia hangs, which is very often everyday.
Here, you can also see the cracks at the openings too.

This, once again, I shall mention it, is what
I think is the first version as there were no
openings for the camera shutter button, the
two speakers, the mic and also the media
button, as I have to drill them out myself.


Peter said...

CFC, I'm toying with the idea to get a new phone. What's your views on the 5800 for a person like me?

CFC said...

Personally, given my experience with it, the N5800 is a phone for playful times and not to be used for a more serious purpose, given the nature of your job.

And I am not alone on this as I have met another owner who claimed his phone hangs as well (but not during calls like mine).

Although I liked the phone very much, but in public, my confidence as the device to help me out in times of need is fearfully dismal.

Still, if you want one, the prices are dropping and they even thrown i a Bluetooth headset as well. Also, try to look for the Black (Star Trek) edition but I doubt they would be here since the Trek movie has moved on.