Its back!

Still being numb this morning, as I was walking to the restaurant for a take-away Nasi Lemak I was really not in the mood for my usual breakfast. This restaurant was quite near to the office and they have started a new Nasi Lemak stall which offers quite a lot for just RM3.00 or so. Anyway, on my way there, this stupid crockcroach rushed towards me.

I was a bit surprised and since I do not wish to kill it, I used my shoes to kick-sweep (sort of like, using the shoes to lift it, then flick it away from my oath, la) it away. And it landed on its back, its legs in the air struggling, as if it was riding a three-wheel air bicycle.

Minutes later, when I came back, it was still
struggling. Whatever happened to the old
crockcroaches who can just turn itself back?
Sigh. These new Generations......

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Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog quite a while now but cannot tahan liau,must leave commentlah,lipas also can in the blog ah?
Nice onelah....
TS. :)