The Girls and the NERF

Since I heard someone was coming to Kuala Lumpur from KK, I was about to pack his NERF Longshot for her to take it back to him. But then, he was afraid she might be caught by Customs and preferred that I post it to him.

So, since my daughters saw me unpacking his Longshot, they were curious too. And what more fun than making sure its child-tested before I decide to post it?
Bear in mind, I did not teach them how to hold them nor reload the bullets. Seeing them holding the guns naturally is quite interesting..... very interesting indeed.

Kristine holding the Longshot for the first time.
Although its heavy for her, she was too excited
to notice it. She was more interested in the scope.

And size comparison, the Longshot
is big. And I still have not added the
extension part yet, which is about
another 12 inches to the length.

"Aaaaaarrrrrrrr.... thar she blows!"

Then I got her to hold the Firefly, which she has
problems holding it due to the design. But once I
put the scope on, she did not notice much............

"Daddy, where are the bullets?"
"I kept them away."
"Why you hide them, Daddy?"
"So you won't shoot at your sister"

Now, its down to the Maverick and its still
too big for her. One thing I noticed is that
all the NERF designs have rails for you to
put the scopes in.

Even this Nitefinder has the rail too.

And now, down to the smallest NEFF in the collection,
which is my favourite design. There is a better one,
which is called the EX-6 but its still too expensive.

Oh-oh, Mommy's about to come in, better hide all the
guns! OH, BTW, I have problem fitting the grip
on the extension gun on the Longshot, just like my
own Longshot. I wonder what I did wrong.


Peter said...

I think the CS-6 is just as cool as the Longshot. Of course, the Longshot takes a beating out on the CS-6 because of its detachable "blaster". Either way, long range is supposedly the strengths these NERF weapons have.

CFC said...

Yes, I thought of the CS6 at one time but for the price its asking, its a bit too pricey. But the main component gun is quite nice and almost look like a Lawgiver variation.