Making a meal out of oats

Yes, its another Sunday and I get to have oats by the mug. This time, I decided to try the pumpkin seeds which I got weeks ago. It was left in the office drawer as I did not have the time for a proper breakfast due to the heavy workload. And so, today is the day I try them out.

Its vacuum sealed. I was wondering, if I did open
a small hole, would the air rush in and then the
whole bag inflates until it pops?

No, it didn't. The whole bag just sagged. And
so, into the container it goes. And when I ate
some, a lightbulb in my mind flashed .... kuaci!

Since Dad also bought some breakfast, there
were the usual roti canai curries and to my
surprise, thosai sauces as well! I loved the
orangey one (right) which is very hot and
spicy. The whitish (bottom) is a bit more
sedated but nevertheless, both of them are
great. As for the dhal (left), it goes well
with most
food (in my case, of course).

And so, I mixed all three sauces together
plus some pumpkin seeds into the oats.

[Update. 20092009 16:19]
Blast it! After two hours of farting around, I have diarrhea and its my sixth time in the toilet! Is it because of the sauces or the seed? Well, maybe I 'll try the seeds again tomorrow........

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zybisko14 said...

does your stomach have titanium linings?