CNY Food

While I was depositing the cheques for the company, I noticed that some of the 'regular' stalls outside the bank are already in Chinese New Year mood. I was not interested in those cookies and tit-bits. Until I saw these seaweed crackers. I love these and if I am not mistaken, they came about in the late 90's. But now, here, on this stall, there was another variation: 'spicy'.

Whoa! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Me: How much for this (one?)
Seller: RM14.00. Got hot one also.
Me: Really? Wow. How much for both, then?
Seller: I give you RM27.00.
Me: OK.

So, technically, if I bought 28, it might be free......

Anyway, now I have to hide these along with the chocolate stash I got in Seremban. Don't want the girls to find these out and finish them before Chinese New Year or else visitors would have nothing to eat...... If they come, that is. Ha ha ha ha!

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weezy said...

i'll come by... hehe... anything to eat?