Toshiba Strata DK56

I got a call from the vendor today to have a look at one of their customer's incoming line which is causing a lot of problems for them. Anyway, the vendor hinted that its a very old system. And when it comes to old system, dirt, dust and hidden away are usually the words of the day.

However, when I arrived at the premises, I was pleasantly surprised because the system was very well kept. This is a Toshiba Strata DK56, a 1990's system and its still working fine!

So, it was nicely kept, and properly
Maintained. Whoever did this was
very very good.

Just look at the cabling and you know
what I mean.

And this is how it looks like from the inside. At the
top would be the power supply and battery charger
while at the bottom, starting from the left, would
be the processor card, then the five interface cards
followed by the incoming line card. Even the cabling
is neat and tidy. Wow.

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