Why The Malay Mail is free

You all know that the Malay Mail, the afternoon paper is now free, right? You don't? Well, it does not matter anyway. The paper it was today is a former shadow if itself decades ago. Finding bits and pieces on the Internet showed that it suffered losses of about RM11 Million and despite changing owners, its readership declined.

When I was a young teenager, it was my preferred newspaper compared to The News Straits Times (that is, until I discovered The Star). And the Page 3 girls were........ nice. I am not sure what its trying to gain by this but this puts them in a straight competition with The Sun (So now, you get The Sun in the morning and The Mail in the afternoon). The Sun has Citizen Nades, not that I always read it but there is nothing to 'read' in the Mail.

And so, one day, I happened to come across the paper and began to browse through........

This is the date of the copy I had

Woo.....An article about the Perodua Alza Manual!
The write up is quite good from the start but when
it came to the ending..........

WTF! What has a drier got to do with car transmission?
And there verdict is, the manual consumes more petrol?

Wow. This is so confusing. I don't think I am going to touch this paper again.

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