The 2.7Kg Parcel XIV (a few minutes ago)

Damn. I am so pissed off. The FedEx guy came and then left with my package, leaving the Custom Tax form. Yes, he left. After he left, the Recept called me and told me about it. She said since he was looking for payment, she assumed the package was for the company and told him that the cheque was not ready and once after he left did she realise the package was for me. When I rushed (OK, hopped like mad) down, the van was gone. I need to talk to the Recept in the future to CHECK whom its addressed to as its very unpleasant to choke a woman.
I was furious. I was mad. And I contemplated shaving me head and going Gay.

I mean, after four days of tracking and seeing it go round the World twice, I did not expect the cock-up to happen within 20 feet from me. And all the while, I was upstairs in the office, holding the cash in my hand.

And within minutes, this was reflected in their tracking

So, I made calls after calls to the Centre and literally threatened them that I need my package by four and there is no way I will go to their collection centre since its so late in the afternoon. Moreover, even if I made it there, the van could not. And the more we talked on the phone, the further it would be since I called them after only a few minutes. Finally, after a few more calls, I cornered them and asks them to give me the number of their driver so that I can intercept him. And when he answered my call, we arranged for a meeting point. Then I told me Boss i need his permission to pop out of the office for a few minutes. A word of advise here, its is very crucial to keep cool (even with a gritted teeth) and show them you are a good guy even when on the phone.

At last!

And here is the intercepted van and my

And after I handed over the cash, its
now safe in my car.

And FedEx can now close the matter

All done!

This is crazy, right? Why the hassle? I can take leave and go to the collection centre tomorrow or the next day. Never mind if I have to sacrifice more time and money to get this package. Right? Yeah, right. The answer is no. I do not want to waste anymore crap on this nor any more compromising. Final is final and I told the FedEx guy to remember me because there is always the next time. And the next. And the next.

Why the trouble over this package?
Now you know.

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Nex said...

Dude, you win lah. As hardcore a collector as I am, I have never done that to get my props...ha ha ha.

But then again I've never shipped any of my stuff via courier either, and my regular postman know my H/P # and would call me before delivering :P