So, what's the use?

OK, by now, its very common to use remotes. You switch on the TV, you use the remote. You play a DVD/CD, you use a remote. Even the fan has a remote. And so, its also very common to unlock your car via remote.

And so, these little buggers, that uses the batteries from coin cells to AA, helps make our life easier. No more getting up to change TV channels (because the long stick you use is useless and it scratches the buttons while giving you a tired wrist.) But there are some problems with it. So many remotes and you have to carry them all. When you want to watch a DVD, you need the TV remote, the DVD player remote, the auxiliary amplifier remote, the Air-con remote, the fan remote and your car remote in case you own a Proton. And when you go out, you need your car remote, the auto-gate remote, etc.

Its cumbersome to carry and also, you will miss it more than Life when its missing. Really. How many times have you been tearing you room upside down to find the TV remote while the TV was sitting a few feet away from you? Eh? Eh?

But fear not. Because apart from getting a replacement
remote in Pasar Road, you can now duplicate your
remotes such as auto-gates. This also means
they can come into you house too. And so, you buy
more locks and install a house alarm.....

All is fine and well, until you realise they can do
this too. There goes your car unless you void its
warranty and install an after-market alarm.

I wonder if the next time someone comes up with a remote rice cooker and your neighbour happens to have one too, will yours start to cook when theirs do?

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