The dangers of night lights

OK, let me tell you this. Ever since the girls were born, we have night lights. ever since we got married, we started to have nightlights (for obvious reasons). The first night lights were actually bulbs within very beautiful paperlike cylinders. But thanks to Kristine at that time, they quickly turned into junk not only that, I have to keep buying bulbs every three months or so. And so, because of safety, we switched to fluorescents.

Thanks to their Aunt, the nightlight was good for many years until last year which TNB killed it. And so, I got another set myself, which as usual, was made in China.....

On the left was the original one, which I had to
use tape to keep the cover from coming off.

On the right was the replacement, which I got today.
No point using tape here, so I just 'bent' the metal
connectors a bit and told the girls not to touch them.

As you can see, the fluoro tube is burnt, a sure
sign which means something serious has
happened. OK, note the melted plastic too.

OK, OK. Note the burnt circuit as well. I mean,
they have been on for hours every night.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty safe. You should thank UL for mandating fire retardant requirement on PCB material. That's why no fire.
Only thing to blame is the design engineer that miscalculated the power rating of the circuit.