Impulse sealer

Today is a very special day, boys and girls. Why is it a very special day?

Do you want to know why?

I will tell you.

Today is a Special Day because I say so. Don't believe me? See? Look back to the words on the left and you can see the capital letters for Special Day. Heck, its even there on the last sentence. Anyway, today is the day I get to clear some of my credit card debts faster. I could not do this if I was in the old company as everything was tight. (It was so tight, if you put some coal into your ass.........)

So I celebrated by buying some plastic bags, a black
plastic bowl, replacement fluorescent bulbs for the
girls as they blew two night ago, an impulse sealer
and a polystyrene box. I could not remember why
I bough it as it does not make sense but only to help
fulfil my wish to buy one 15 years ago. Total damage
came up to RM128.00 and there was not enough
time for lunch as well, not because I want to skip.

Oh, hey. Hang on. This post is about the Impulse sealer! My my, my train of thought has derailed many times today, because I was rushing to finish the Project given to me. There is a very specific reason why I need an Impulse sealer. Not because I bought it on impulse nor because the idea jumped out from the murky depths of bottomless disrememberings.

The Navigation board is almost done and so, if I want to send this to people, I cannot just lump them into a paper bag and squiggle their contacts with a RM2.50 marker. I mean, this might get into a lot of problem at Security screenings and also when these people pull the stuff out from a crumpled envelope. And so, the reason I bought this to create small pockets in the plastic bags where I can safely store each component. Then, lump them into a paper bag and squiggle their contacts with a RM2.50 marker.

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Nex said...

Is the impulse sealer for repairing impulse engines?

Do they also sell warp sealers?