Sand Art

The girl's Uncle (my biological brother) gave them a sand art kit last night and they've been pestering us to let them play with it. Which we relented on the condition that they do it outside. This art started more than a decade ago and at that time, it was something new where everyone queued up to have a go. Now, its very common and the sand art kit confirms it.

And so, with the newspapers all laid out, they are
ready to play with the sand art. The kit comes
with a few prepared slides, coloured sand in bottles
and toothpicks.

This is one of the 'pens' which contained some
coloured sand. Now, the girls are going to show
you how it works.

First you take the toothpick and pry off the
pre-cut paper covering the glued part. It is
like removing the lables off a sticker but in

Then you 'pour' the coloured sand onto the
exposed part. The glue will accept the sand
and the you just shake the slide until all the
sand sticks to the exposed part.

Unfortunately, nowadays, the girls love to
leave things behind when they're done with
it. Just for today, I decided to give Mr. Cane
a rest.

Its a nice thing to play but as you can see,
it is very easy to 'waste' the sand or ink if
you prefer to call that.

Say the magic word and they start
to clean everything up. Oh, the magic
word for the day is, "CANE!"

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