Magnolia's Mango Mania


I like Mango. A lot. I like mango as much as the next person who loves durians. And I like them fresh. Most of the time, when I ordered a mango juice or ate something with mango in it, its not fresh. Because where artificial flavouring is concerned, the mango flavour is really hopeless.

But the moment you drink a Mango Yogurt drink, its different. The taste feels much richer, and less of those after-taste sourness. Then again, this is not actual mango flavour but its very good. So good that I would say, its worth taking some time getting used to not finish the whole tub in one night. I mean, it was not me who bought it......

And so, Magnolia caught that flavour and turned it
into an RM8.00 ice-cream tub.

At first, looking from the yellow hue, you'd think
this was a corn flavoured ice-cream. Not only is
it hard but the taste is overwhelming. So great
was the taste, it ran over other ice-creams I
mixed it with and turned them into roadkills.

So, for RM8.00, I might consider buying it again. That is, if my sanity ran out first.

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Authentic Joe said...

wow... and no one reads my blog...