The Bazic calculator

The spoils of the afternoon haul at Popular's was the Rm14.90 Bazic calculator for me and a very nice pair of scissors for Kristine. I needed a calculator at the office because mine mysteriously disappeared months ago and I could never find it again. And so, after talking to the Admin people, I am allowed to get a new one for under RM30. But my colleagues said that I can get them from another Manager but since she is from another Department, it is not nice to do that.

The reason why I chose this calculator was not
because it was the cheapest there but because
of its design.

Erm, nevermind the instruction manual. Let's continue

The rounded curves and its shape is very organic and
this is what I liked about it. Also, it has a very large
LCD display, very good when I want to show it off to
compare them with the normal Rm30.00 Casios. Heh.

Unfortunately, the niceties ended there because when
you hold it in the palms of your hands, its very big. I
wished it was 2cm smaller.

And look at the curves. Even the buttons are nice
to press. Because ifs almost flat, you can sit on it
by accident knowing that the big LCD screen is
the first thing to crack and not the casing itself

I also liked the way the solar cells are facing at
an angle so that when I hold it, I can imagine it
is some sort of a Star Trek Tricorder....

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