Glass Doctors

And so, this morning, about 0840, Leena from Glass Doctorss called up and asks when can they come over. So, I told her that they can come over to my office's parking lot before 10AM because that's when I needed to go out for an appointment. I wanted them to come over last night but because Kaelynn was having a fever (which we needed to take her to the Doctor's) it was not possible. Therefore, I was thinking of pushing it to Wednesday instead.

But after Leena's explanation, it was better to get it done soonest possible. And so, half an hour later, Matthew came and proceeded with the repairs...

First, he cleaned the glass thoroughly so that there are
no contaminants that could affect the repair job.

Next, he applied a cleaning solution on to the crack to
try to remove as much dirt INSIDE the windscreen as
possible. Matthew explained that the windscreen has
three layers and the middle layer, which is clear plastic.
So, the big sized crack earlier was actually caused by
the expanded air bubble between the plastic layer and
the upper glass. So, once that has been treated we get
to see the actual size of the crack.

The next stage is to seal that crack as much as possible
this is where Matthew puts in another tube, which
is a type
of resin that has the same optical refractive
index as the glass
and it cures/hardens under UV light.
Do not be fooled by this
simple money detector. It can
still blind you.

A few minutes later, the chemical starts to harden.

After removing the clear plastic, Matthew then scrapes
off the excess. Now, the crack is repaired even though
still has a small cavity. Matthew explained that if it is
repaired properly by now, it could cut his finger
when he
ran them through the crack repeatedly.

All done and well, you can still see it but Matthew assures
me that after a few days, the chemical will blend into the
glass. It is still shiny and all because it is new whereas the
windshield is not. As for me, I am not so bothered by this
as long as there are no more cracks on the windshield.

But looking at the warranty, because mine is still a 'small' one, I am covered in the Lilfetime waranty. I am not supposed to use any water repellent (Rain-X) or any other chemicals to the windshield which will erode the repair chemicals. Which is fine by me since I do not put Rain-X or something like that anyway. But I wonder of windshield washers could be a problem too?

So, how did I find Glass Doctors? I just Google, "Myvi glass repair Malaysia" and there they were.

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